We're always looking for other people who share our passion for technology.

The OPENPOP Ecosystem

OPENPOP is an ecosystem of System Engineers, Network Engineers, Developers, working together to run systems and applications in the best way, pushing the limits of their creativity to solve difficult problems, creating better products for our clients. We place a strong emphasis on fostering a well-balanced lifestyle — inspiring people to lead active, healthy lives and to seek out inspiration outside of the office and away from their computers. We believe that by proactively clearing our minds, we're able to work better and more efficiently.

Our Location

Our office is located in Ticino/Switzerland, facing the Lugano Lake, and is home of a relaxed community of strong people. We are also surrounded by mountains where we can find all the type of walk that fuels our desire for a balanced lifestyle of nature and technology.

Our Team

Managing Director

Sergio Gervasini

Sergio has more than 30 years experience in IT and Networking inside the biggest european players. He moved to the Internet scene in Video On Line, in 1994. After being responsible of Internet services for BNL (now BNP/Paribas), he covered responsabilities such as Technical Director in KPN QWest Italy and Chief Technology Officer in Infinito/British Telecom. He his passionate for Classic and Vintage cars and motorcycles. He loves also to repair old computers in his own laboratory and travelling around the world.

Chief Technology Officer

Stefania Calcagno

Her roadmap starts in the Commodore Amiga hacking/demoscene, where she founded one of the most important groups in Italy and Europe, then she goes through the BBS until the Internet, where Stefania started in early 1990 writing experimental code for the first web applications. She worked for IBM, then she has been Senior Manager, responsible for security and systems in Sapient, Chief Technology Officer and Board Member in OpenMind. Still approaching the world with a innovating view, deep open source technology addicted. Loves extreme sports, retro computing and trekking on the Swiss alps. She's actually president of the European Society for Computer Preservation.

Chief Network and Security Officer

Domenico Martini

Domenico is a dynamic IT professional with over 20 years experience working with some of the biggest worldwide players specialised in networking and IT security and in Hi/Low level design of IT solutions/datacenters. He worked in HP and in Alcatel/Lucent as a Network specialist. He was in charge of the network and security of Seat pagine Gialle Internet Factory. He was the testimonial of one firm selling enterprise security appliances. He was awarded the "Fibonacci" prize as IT engineer of the Year by AIP-ITCS in 2013 and he was also winner of the “Black belt challenge” at Las vegas Black hat in 2012. He loves to grill (he is the IT-manager of World Barbeque Association ) and retro computing. Moreover he is also the co-author of the ibook “smartphone sicuro”.

Chief System Architect

Riccardo Merlini

Riccardo is a Unix senior, since 1996 he has been senior system administrator and CTO in banks and Internet Providers. He also owns mobile oriented patents. He loves technology, creative solutions, the integration between the various souls of a company such as marketing, development, databases etc. His mission is to find the best solutions and the deepest hacks to provide the best results with the smaller effort. Riccardo loves to play billiard in the spare time.