Our Location

Our office is located in Ticino/Switzerland, facing the Lugano Lake, and it's home for a relaxed community of strong people. We are also surrounded by mountains where we can find all the type of walk that fuels our desire for a balanced lifestyle of nature and technology.


We strongly believe in privacy. We never advertise our customers, we never advertise our services in detail. We enforce the Swiss tradition of privacy and confidentiality. Please contact us to talk about what we can do for you, privately.

The Team

Our management team dealt with the Internet from the beginning. Pioneers, Managers, Opensource lovers.

Sergio Gervasini
Chief Executive Officer

Formerly responsible of Internet operations at Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (now BNP/Paribas), Chief Technology Officer for KPN Q-West Italia and Inifinito.IT - British Telecom. Our Mentor. He is passionate for Classic Cars and motorcycles, he loves to restore old computers in his own laboratory and travelling around the world.

Stefania Calcagno
Chief Technology Officer

Used to be an hacker in the eighties, she has been Senior Manager, Security, in Sapient and CTO for EuroIP and Openmind before joining as CTO Openpop. Our evangelist. Still approaching the world with a innovating view, deep open source technology addicted. Loves extreme sports, retro computing and trekking on the Swiss alps. She's actually president of the European Society for Computer Preservation.

Domenico Martini
Chief Network and Security Officer

Worked for HP, Alcatel/Lucent, and then had been in charge of network and security in Seat Yellow Pages. Our good side. He was awarded the "Fibonacci" prize as IT engineer of the Year by AIP-ITCS in 2013 and he was also winner of the “Black belt challenge” at Las vegas Black hat in 2012. He loves to grill (he is a member of CD of the World Barbeque Association ) and retro computing.

Riccardo Merlini
Ethical Hacking Leader

Unixer and Ethical Hacker since 1996, he has been senior system administrator for BNL (BNP/Paribas), KPN Qwest, Inifinito.it, British Telecom, among the others. Our dark side. He loves technology, creative solutions, the integration between the various souls of a company.

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