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Social Engineering

Discover how much your emplyees know about security risks and how they act in everyday work.

Penetration Testing
Vulnerability Assessment

Are you sure your systems are safe? We discover your security flaws before black hat hackers do, and you can arrange to mitigate risks.

Security Awareness

Humans are the weakest link in the information security chain, everyone, regardless of his role inside the company, should be aware of the related risks. We onsite train your employees how to recognize and react to the challenges of information security.

Datacenter Management

Take back possession of your datas. Avoid spending huge money in the cloud. We design, realize and manage your own, secure and private, datacenter.

Network Consulting

Connect your branches securely. Have high availability, disaster recovery, load balancing. Manage your own firewall. Be an owner of a piece of the Internet.

GDPR and Procedures
advice and consulting

We guide our customers through the GDPR processes in order to be compliant with the European Union privacy regulation. We advice about best processes, best practices, best security and privacy investments.

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Discover what we can do for you, privately.